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I wish my friend Hockey Bob was here

July 7th, 2013

My dear friend Robert Matrisciano (aka Hockey Bob) left us last year having a massive heart attack. Bob was by far the biggest Blackhawks fan I’d ever met and watching the Hawks take the cup this year without him was difficult. Maybe he had something to do with all their incredible wins. These pictures are for you Bob. You are missed and loved by many.







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My Blizzard 2011

February 5th, 2011

It was Tuesday around 2 pm I looked out the window of our Hinsdale office and laughed as I heard everyone talking about the “Snowtropolis” It was clear and sunny. As a photojournalist I was hoping for a blizzard but didn’t think it was really going to happen. I headed for my son’s daycare in the city just in-case and around 3.00 pm. while driving all of the sudden things started looking more like a winter storm.The first 2 are taken from the car, only because my 9 month old was in the back seat
Pulaski and Ogden Ave.

California street.

My adrenaline was rushing, disappointed and worried that I had my baby in the car. I wanted to be out there. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for work the next day. I had everything ready even a back up driver if I couldn’t get my car out. Morning came and I nor anyone in my Chicago neighborhood could get their cars out. I walked out my door to Chicago Ave and my plan was to take either the Chicago Ave. Bus going East or West. It was a ghost town. No one in sight except one person while looking East.
Chicago Ave. and Francisco
I wanted to go East. I wanted to hit downtown, I called my boss and told him my brilliant plan of fate and he was not amused. He said “No ” I need you west”, so west I went…I took the bus East because non were gong west. Got an non working cab to drop me off miles away at a Green line train stop. I was the only person on the train. Got off the train in Oak Park and this was what I first saw-
Six Harlem 90 buses were stuck in the snow near the Harlem Green Line stop in Oak Park. Driver, Jeffrey Laird has been stuck for six hours on Marion Street since 5 am this morning. | Tamara Bell~Sun Times Media

A CTA Harlem 90 bus was stuck under the Marion street viaduct in downtown Oak Park since 11 pm on Tuesday night.
People trying to make their way to the green line stop in downtown Oak Park during Wednesday’s storm.

I headed for downtown Lake street in Oak Park hoping to warm myself and plan my next move. No stores were open.
Chipotle in Downtown Oak Park closed due to weather conditions.

I knew I had to get to other suburbs but would have to go on foot. Co worker Rob Hart called and our freelance photographer friend Brian got his car out in a nearby suburb. Brian saved the day and picked us up. We made our move onto Elmwood and Franklin Park.
Driver, Brian Morowczynski
David Garcia (left) and Pawel Nowak shovels out a car on the 7200 block of North Avenue in Elmwood Park on Feb. 2, 2011. The Blizzard is third-largest storm in Chicago’s history and some areas already have more than 20 inches of accumulation. | Tamara Bell~Sun Times Media
River Grove,IL A man shoveling snow collapsed and was attended to by paramedic on the 2500 block of Rhodes Street in River Grove on Feb. 2, 2011. The Blizzard is third-largest storm in Chicago’s history and some areas already have more than 20 inches of accumulation. | Tamara Bell~Sun Times Media
A group of teenagers jump into the snow in the park at Elmwood School in Elmwood Park on Feb. 2, 2011. The Blizzard is third-largest storm in Chicago’s history and some areas already have more than 20 inches of accumulation. | Tamara Bell~Sun Times Media
Those are just a glimpse of the day. There was world of moments flashing outside and I was glad to be apart of it.

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Melrose Park

January 18th, 2010

Being someone that favors urban environments can make covering the suburbs mundane at times. My favorite Chicago suburb is the West Proviso area located just west of Chicago’s Austin neighborhood and Oak Park. I love the area because it is full of diversity and does not feel like a suburb. One of the most colorful parts of this region is Melrose Park’s Broadway Ave. It is a Hispanic district and the window storefronts are filled with color.

Dulce Landia, 2009 W. Lake St.

Dollar Day Plus on Broadway.

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Reflections on the Metra

June 2nd, 2009

Unfortunately, my beloved car died this week, which lead me to take the train to work on Friday. While returning from assignments in Lake Forest, I spotted these surreal reflections in the windows of the Metra Train on the way home.
Jonathan Antonio rides the Metra downtown while visiting from California.
A.J. Roskin rides the Metra from Highland Park to Evanston to attend a graduation party.

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May 12th, 2009

I just got back from New York City and these are some of my favorite images I took on my trip.
A view from a pier in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn.
A sweet sixteen on the pier in Brooklyn.
STREB performance/dance group in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

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May 11th, 2009

This is my Grandma Hume. I just took this picture of her and my cousin’s Golden Retriever, Gus. My Grandma has had a camera in my face my whole life. She is one of the reasons I became a photographer. I also inherited my never-ending energy from her. She just celebrated her 83rd birthday, and I hope when I am her age, I can be as happy and energetic as she. Happy birthday, Grandma.

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